Developer of multi-functional sports equipment from Hungary seeks distributors

13.09.2017Published 10 days ago
A new sport was invented by the Hungarian company when they created this specially-bent board. The company was founded in 2013 in Budapest. The team of the founders consists of an ex-football player, who is the creative mind of the team, an international businessman and a football loving computer scientist. The product is ideal for complementary training in sport clubs and for amusement in public parks at the same time. 5 different sports can be played on it, they are based on football, volleyball, table-tennis, tennis and ball-catching.

Hungarian SME is looking for distributors of chemical products for industrial use in Poland

12.09.2017Published 11 days ago
The company was founded in 2009. Its main activity is trading and service activity and since its founding, the company has become one of the most dynamically developing tool trade companies in Hungary. The company offers and supplies hand tools, electric and air tools and chemicals for industrial companies, manufacturing plants, factories, other service providers, retailers.

Hungarian SME offers high quality felt for artistic and industrial use

01.09.2017Published 22 days ago
The sole Hungarian felt production company was established in 1896 and has been producing non-woven (wool felt) material since that time. Currently the company produces first class quality wool felts from Hungarian and foreign raw materials. Felt is a favored raw material for the clothing industry and widely used for industrial purposes as well. Products are produced from 100% wool and from the mixture of wool and viscose (e.g. mixture of 60% wool 40% viscose).

Mobile applications for increasing the efficiency of psychiatric and psychotherapeutic process and pre-filtration of psychosomatic disorders

29.08.2017Published 25 days ago
The Hungarian SME is engaged in psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and neurology. The SME is a research company working in the field of mentalization, empowerment and common decision making. Their important results of the research of these fields are used in other therapeutic areas (diabetology, cardiology, oncology). The wrong diagnosis (mental and somatic as well) is very common in this field. Psychosomatic patients are very difficult to diagnose, and it costs a lot of money until the right therapeutic form is found.

Hungarian company offers biomass heating systems with short payback period for distributors or agents in Serbia, Romania, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

16.08.2017Published 38 days ago
The Hungarian SME is a market leader in Hungary in the field of straw bale biomass systems and getting higher market share in woodchips and mixed biomass heating systems. The company would like to enter foreign markets focusing on Serbia, Romania, Slovakia and Czech Republic. The company is looking for distributors or agents for selling intensively its products in the above mentioned countries. The firm manufactures boilers with 20-800 Kw performance - and if it is necessary they can be cascaded as well.

Hungarian building engineering designer company offers its resources for foreign projects mainly in the EU in a frame of subcontracting or services agreement.

14.08.2017Published 40 days ago
The Hungarian engineering firm is operating in the Hungarian market since 2006 and its engineers have more than 17 years of experience in building engineering design (heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning, renewable and geothermal energy, natural gas supply, water supply and sewerage system). Some pictures about their reference works are attached. The company's growing team currently includes 10 engineers, 2 office assistants and an IT expert. They are looking for similar firms to work together on designing of residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

Hungarian manufacturer of natural dermocosmetics and body care products is looking for agents and distributors

02.08.2017Published 52 days ago
After many years of medical research the Hungarian SME has developed two special skin treatment product lines. One of them for psoriasis, seborrhea and another sensitive product line for eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis under 3 years and psoriasis in case of salicylic acid intolerance. First product line (cream, body lotion, shampoo, shower gel) They are composed of attentively selected natural ingredients, vitamins, trace elements. Due to the ingredients, the products are very effective for psoriasis and eczema, dry, sensitive and irritated skin.

Hungarian lingerie manufacturing company is looking for sub-contractors for lingerie sewing work

20.07.2017Published 65 days ago
The Hungarian company - established in 1991 - deals with lingerie manufacturing primarily for export markets. Products include underwear for adults (man and woman) and children from different materials. The company uses only high quality base material – mainly circular knitted cotton – that is imported or partly produced in Hungary. The company is very flexible, it has its own brands, production process covers product development and design but also sales of end-product. The company is very reliable in delivery terms.

Commercial agent sought for market launch of sports software in Croatia

19.07.2017Published 66 days ago
The Hungarian SME is a well established company with extensive knowledge in the area of web technologies. Its predecessor was founded in 1996. The Hungarian enterprise developed a premium software-solution for sports clubs in the field of team and individual sports dealing with junior athletes. It is looking for a connection to an enterprise that can help the market launch in the Croatian market of the software. The complicated paper-based administration, badly accessible incomplete information, the lack of feedback related to knowledge-sharing are all against quality work.

Hungarian SME, which uses only natural raw materials, offers the development, manufacture and distribution of natural soaps and cosmetics either with its own label or with private label

14.07.2017Published 71 days ago
The Hungarian SME is exclusively dealing with the development and production of natural soaps and cosmetics. The current product portfolio was built up after several years of research and development and the company produces only natural cosmetic products without palm oil, chemicals, toxic or harmful ingredients. The company now sells 12 products via webshop to Hungarian customers. His target audience in Hungary is primarily women between the ages of 20 and 50, but there are countless male buyers amongst them.