Hungarian company producing green car baskets for shopping is seeking for distributor

26.05.2020Published 50 days ago
Since 1986 the Hungarian company has been recognized for its quality, reliability and continuous improvement in the European car accessory market. Number of employees: 64. They already have foreign business partners, but now the enterprise wants to show their new product to a wider public. This is the reason why the Hungarian company is looking for new distributors for their green car baskets. The business is willing to find new buyers in the EU countries and expand the scope of partners. The Hungarian firm produces car accessories which are developed in-house from idea to the product.

Hungarian SME specialized in aerial and satellite remote sensing application is looking for international business opportunities under subcontracting agreement

11.05.2020Published 65 days ago
Remote sensing technologies and produced thematic products have great potential in investigating our environment. With aerial remote sensing large areas can be mapped in short time period and the collected data can support many fields of application. Processing the assessed data and servicing the requested information by the client are critical issues and need well-prepared experts.

Hungarian costume making company, looking for new opportunities for serial production under subcontracting or manufacturing agreement

08.05.2020Published 68 days ago
As a costume making company from Hungary they have been on the market for the past 25 years. The company has experience in working all over the world and can provide a list of references from most of the EU as well as the USA and Asia. They are venturing into a new field of serial work, and are looking for partners or assignments from companies looking for serial production of their items. They have sewing capacity to provide solutions to companies in the mens, women’s childrens wear, lingere, sports wear, sports eqpuipment and home textiles fields.

Multifunctional syringe to protect healthcare workers

09.04.2020Published 97 days ago
The partner of a Hungarian technology transfer agency developed this equipment to make injections and drug application easier so the drug can be applied more quickly. The disinfection mechanism is in the syringe and one of the novelties of it that the needle has no contact with the healthcare worker applying the therapy therefore giving the doctor a protection. The syringe is intended for single use only. The dosage measurement is much easier because it has two measuring scales. The base volume is 15ml but it can be changed as needed as it can be produced in different sizes.

A Hungarian digital health startup seeks distributors and commercial agents for health management app for diabetes/kidney/obesity patients

25.03.2020Published 112 days ago
Private Hungarian startup offers an application to tackle lifestyle-related elements (like nutrition, fluid intake, daily habits and exercises) influencing health of patients with chronic conditions like kidney failure and/or type 2 diabetes to support patient compliance and to avoid deterioration of health.

Hungarian company offers circle knitted fabric, workwear and corporate wear in a frame of distribution agreement

20.03.2020Published 117 days ago
A Hungarian textile producer is looking for a distributor from Belgium, Germany, Serbia, UK, USA, Sweden, Finland, Israel or Japan for selling its product abroad. The products are circle knitted and offered as fabrics or final products as well.

Hungarian software engineering company specialised in developing custom enterprise software solutions for web and mobile platforms offers its services as subcontractor or in the frame of outsourcing agreement

26.02.2020Published 140 days ago
The Hungarian company is a specialist of digitization and business process modelling.

Outsourcing agreement offered in labor protection, fire protection, health and safety services in South West Hungary

13.02.2020Published 153 days ago
The Hungarian company was founded in 2001. Its manager and staff has decades of experience in work and fire protection. In addition to domestic knowledge, he also gained international experience, including in the US. It provides services to several multinational companies nationwide, e.g. Strabag and Hervis. The company undertakes the following tasks as well: - Legionella risk assessment (A risk assessment must be carried out at facilities presenting a risk of Legionella infection.

Hungarian confectionery factory offers healthy cheese crackers for distribution in form of distribution service agreement

10.02.2020Published 156 days ago
Hungarian factory produces a wide range of healthy confectionery products unique, pre-packaged products among them cheese crackers using natural ingredients and no added artificial additives or flavour enhancers. The company works only with high-quality raw materials that have all certificates of conformity, quality certificates, safety protocols and additional controls in the production laboratory of the plant. Currently, the maximum production capacity is ranging between 8000 to 24000 packages/month.

Subcontractor sought for cutting, confectioning and fabric/yarn dyeing by a Hungarian textile manufacturer

05.02.2020Published 161 days ago
The Hungarian SME which is active in the textile industry is looking for a subcontracting partner ideally from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia or Ukraine. The company needs a partner for two tasks: - who is able to produce polo and T-shirt styled circle knitted products using the company's own produced fabric - combed yarn and circle knitted fabric dyeing (The partner company can be either a sole dyeing company or a knitting company with a separate dyeing sector with big capacity) The philosophy of this Hungarian t