A Bosnian producer of kitchen, bathroom and office furniture is looking for partners from Germany, Austria and Switzerland under manufacturing, distribution services and/or commercial agency agreement

27.03.2018Published 55 days ago
A Bosnian company was established in 1987 with the specialization in manufacturing of kitchen, bathroom and office furniture. In the cooperation with other manufacturers of machines and engineering faculties in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the company is constantly organizing different educations for its employees. With its sale network comprising over 60 franchises all over the country, this company became the most famous furniture and interior equipment trade center in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Innovative software technology for law enforcement and decision making in traffic management

07.03.2018Published 75 days ago
A software development company from B&H founded in 2013 is specialized for customized, complex business solutions development based on Microsoft .NET technologies. It currently employs 17 experts working mainly with security institutions, ministries of internal affairs and insurance companies worldwide. This technology addresses the problem of preventing and early detection of stolen, suspect or unregistered vehicles.

The company from Bosnia and Herzegovina is offering virtual office services under services agreement

27.02.2018Published 83 days ago
The company is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main activity of the company is renting a business address to other company headquarters. Besides that service, the company also provides services for receiving post, faxes and phone calls on their behalf. For those clients who need to have a workspace, the company also offers to rent the work desk and meeting rooms. The company is also offering services related to web design, bookkeeping, legal advice and legal representation.

A Bosnian manufacturer of various plastic products for automotive industry, floriculture, construction industry, households, advertising, the furniture industry is looking for manufacturing, commercial agency agreement or subcontracting agreement.

20.02.2018Published 90 days ago
A Bosnian company specialized in construction of molds and plastics processing – injection molding and blow molding is looking for manufacturing agreement, commercial agency agreement or subcontracting agreements. They have experience with various industries where precision plastic parts are required. The company produces plastic parts from different materials such as: PP (Polypropylene) and PE (Polyethylene). It has more than 30 years of experience and its products are already on offer in different EU countries and Nigeria.

Bosnian company offers manufacturing upholstered and metal furniture to business partners in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria under the manufacturing agreements

16.02.2018Published 94 days ago
Bosnian company was funded in December 2006. The company has two manufacturing locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and ninety employees. The company exports its products mainly to the market of Italy. Except Italy, the company exports its products to The USA, Lybia, India, Croatia and Kosovo. In 2018. the company is expanding network of foreign partners to the market of Austria.

A Bosnian company specialized in legal and consultancy services in commercial and company law is looking for partners to establish cooperation based on services agreement

13.02.2018Published 97 days ago
A Bosnian company was established in 1988 with specialisation in legal and consultancy services. The company has huge experience in providing services in commercial and company law for foreign companies and international organizations.

Bosnian company offers travel and tourism related services to foreign partners in EU and beyond under services agreements

12.02.2018Published 98 days ago
Bosnian company was founded in 1991.The company operates as a travel agency and a tour operator for more than 20 years. It is licensed travel agency involved in all aspects of incoming and outgoing tourism and travel services. The company employs four persons.

Company from Bosnia and Herzegovina specialized in digital marketing, e-commerce solutions, graphic and web design is looking for partners under subcontracting agreement

06.02.2018Published 104 days ago
The company from Bosnia and Herzegovina provides broad specter of services related to digital marketing, such as: e-commerce solutions, graphic design (creation of complete visual identity, design of brochures and catalogs, logo design, digital business cards, preparations for books and magazines, etc) , web design, SEO, managing social media channels. The company is right now mostly present at a national level, with few clients in EU, but would like to expand their business to foreign markets. The company is looking for partners, preferably, from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium.

Organizations experienced in energy and smart cities sought for H2020 proposal.

04.02.2018Published 106 days ago
Description of an organization A highly experienced private organization sustainable energy, waste management, and environmental protection is searching for an innovative partner with expertise in energy management and energy efficiency to apply for H2020 project. Overview of the R&D project The COP21 Paris Agreement recognizes the role of cities in rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to climate change. To achieve the necessary energy transition in cities, it is essential to increase energy systems integration.

ICT company from Bosnia & Herzegovina offers high quality software development services through an outsourcing agreement.

30.01.2018Published 111 days ago
A B&H software company, established on 2001 offers high-quality software outsourcing development and related services.